About Derek Toigo

Derek Toigo

I first started photographing in 2006, shortly after I graduated high school. I received a film camera and some Fuji Velvia slide film and spent my summer experimenting with effects and enjoying the fruits of my trials. In the winter I was given my first digital SLR camera, a Nikon D80. I spent a lot of time with this camera learning about how I could employ my vision using it as a tool. I have since gone through many cameras along my journey, ultimately purchasing a Canon 6D in 2015 that served me for over 3 years. This was my first full-frame camera and it's superb low light performance enabled me to take my creative vision farther than ever before. Today I use a Sony A7iii camera for its superb sensor performance as I continue to pursue new sights and adventures and document the world as it appears in my eyes. I enjoy sharing my work and the positive feedback that I have received as I have grown, and I only look forward to continung to grow as an artist and in business and seeing what possibilities are to come next.